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Welcome to Charles Fort

Constructed in 1682 and garrisoned by the British Army until 1922, Charles Fort overlooks the Old Head of Kinsale and the mouth of the Bandon river. Today, this formidable structure provides a platform to  enjoy the breathtaking views of Kinsale town and harbour. In excess of  75,000 visitors a year enter via the drawbridge and […]

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Check out Kinsale chamber of tourism website!!

From Kinsale Chamber of Commerce Kinsale has been a centre of population, trade and fishing for centuries. The combined attractions of a sheltered harbour, fertile land and abundant fisheries were not lost on the invading Anglo-Normans who, in the 13th Century, displaced the local Irish to establish control and create a medieval walled town on […]

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Jazz Weekend in Kinsale,

Book now to avoid disappointment, limited availability,  by far the best weekend in Kinsale,  music in all the pubs nearly all day every day for the entire weekend.   Just 20 minutes from Cork if you want to be part of the Jazz weekend in the City for a day. Kinsale Fringe Jazz Festival is an offshoot […]